Sunday, December 09, 2007

Crazy Photo Session

So we tried to take some family photos . . . Too bad Bria does NOT smile on camera cue! Wow, that was hard. I think we took 100+ pics without a single "All Parmas smiling" one. At least we had fun, sort of.


Blogger The Morrisons... said...

Way cute!

6:58 PM  
Blogger Ben, Sarah & Eli said...

I think they turned out well! I am struggling with what to do for our Christmas cards this year because we don't have a good picture of all three of us together... so hard! Which reminds me - can you email your new address when you get a chance?

10:23 PM  
Blogger Abecka said...

cute pictures, I really like the last too, hey can I get your address too? or maybe I can just get it from Sarah

12:49 AM  
Blogger Hillary said...

I think your pics turned out great. I know it is hard to get kids to smile. We took a few pics but had to do some photoshopping because in the one good picture of Leah smiling, Logan was closing his eyes. But I think yours turned out great. And I think Bria still looks cute. I think she's striking a model face in the pics, that's why she's not smiling.

10:23 AM  
Blogger PapaParma said...

Very nice pictures.
Bria is working to keep you on your toes, that is why she is not smiling, yet!

10:24 AM  
Blogger bloggingchristy said...

Did you guys ever tell us you had a blog? I found it through Aprils! I hope you guys are having a fun Christmas!

Not that I don't love Dave, but how did you live down here in Hawaii, and not fall in love with a Polynesian boy? They are such neat people, I'm sure you loved it down here! It just has such a fun, family feeling where ever you go! We're excited to see you guys when we get back!

1:07 AM  

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