Thursday, July 07, 2016

David's birthday

Confetti balloons, French toast, Hawaiian Falls, pizza and relaxing! 

Washington adventure Part I

Ferry out to Vashon island
A beautiful day at the beach! Finding crabs and shells, laying out and munching on sandy Doritos. 
pt Defiance Zoo & Aquarium
great Wolf lodge! Kid cabin bunks, water slides, hot tubs, magic wand quests and ziplines 
Seattle Aquarium, Pikes place Market and Chihuly Glass museum
northwest Trek playground, tram, baby beavers and river otters
4h of July bbq with grandma and grandpa plus a few fireworks 
Snuggling with Lucky
Snake Lake nature center
Hiking in Olympia
(Cali's photo bomb!)

Monday, May 16, 2016

Market day

Bria has been working hard (with the assistance of Cali) on her Perler bead store for market day! 

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sweet Sabbath

In an effort to better keep the Sabbath day holy as a family we worked on this Sweet Sabbath poster. Each candy included a Sabbah-appropriate activity, including "listen to good music," "read to your brother," "play a family game," "visit someone," "write a thank you card," "say prayers," "think about Jesus during the sacrament," and many others. As the kids completed each task (and on Sunday's only), they colored in the candy picture. Once all the candies were colored in they earned a movie party with friends. The Sabbath is a special day!

Mother's Tea

For several weeks Cali and the other OSE first graders prepared for a Mother's day program and breakfast. She also created some very cute artwork and cards for me. 


What great weed-pulling helpers!! 

Truck rodeo

We attended the Town of Flower Mound's annual Truck Rodeo, which showcases all the city's trucks. Liam was enchanted! He sat in all the drivers seats and even honked the horns. 

5 goals

Liam finishes up a trepidatious soccer season by "switching it up," no pouting, great ball control and 5 goals! Cali had a great season, too, with several goals and assists. She mastered the art of great placement and open passing! 

Woodlands weekend

While dad was out of town for work, mom and the kids went down to the Woodlands near Houston. We stayed at the lovely Embassy Suites where we gorged on free breakfast bacon, swam in the heated pool and relaxed to movies. We also visited the Houston Children's museum, hiked/crawled through the "woods" (where we saw snakes and petted horses), & had a few memorable pit stops.
Playing at a rest stop, throwing rocks in the pond and watching sunbathing turtles
Chefs in training at the children's museum
Our dusty hike through wimpy woods

General Conference

We enjoyed this Conference weekend with Papa Parma and Grandma Elizabeth, keeping entertained with the "good Word", games, coloring and blanket nests. 

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Easter 2016

A lovely Easter...baskets with goodies, church service, egg decorating and hunt, and a yummy feast shared with friends. 


The kids and I made red velvet macarons. Delectable!