Sunday, October 04, 2015

Happy birthday, Bria!

Bria turns 9! Candy to her classmates, spa party, decorating totes and mirrors, makeup, sugar scrub, hair-dos, Nacho bar, presents, karaoke, and a family dinner! We couldn't imagine our family without Bria's energy, creativity and enthusiasm. She is a joy and we love her!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Liam turns 5!

Blue frosted cupcakes topped with pull-back cars
An exhausted birthday boy, sleeping with his car

Sunday, September 06, 2015

First day of school

The kids are suprisingly VERY excited for school!

Liam: his new preschool at Temple Baptist church closeby. He loves his teacher, Mrs. Ellis, and his new friends

 Cali: 1st grade at Old Settlers (OSE) with Ms. Boldt

 Bria: 3rd grade at OSE with Mrs. Young

Goodbye summer ... hello school!

What a fun summer we had! Here are some highlights:

making perler beads!!

going to Hawaiian Falls as a family. Especially the giant green half-pipe that we all rode on together! And also the lazy river... 

super hero / super villain gymanstics camp. We made our own costumes, 
along with matching Beanie Boo sidekicks.

Summer camps: we all did swim lessons. Also, Bria did a drama camp and Cali did a soccer camp

We also ... played with our Beanie boos, got together with friends, learned how to cook, watched shows, visited the Library and completed the reading program, and had a great staycation!!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

our new home

On February 7th 2015, we left our home on Cimmaron Strip and moved to 2808 Meadow Wood Drive in Flower Mound.

537 Cimmaron Strip was a happy house for the Parma Family. We moved there when Bria was only 7 months old, doing no home improvements besides carpet cleaning and painting the walls ourselves. All of our children were babies there. Snuggling on the living room couch, tummy-timing on the soft carpet, crawling down the long hallway, sneaking into the pantry for snacks, disheveling the pots and pans cupboards, hide-and-seeking in the closets, splashing in the backyard plastic pool, playing the piano for family home evenings,  running around in dress-up clothes, and so on. Holidays were happily spent decorating the Christmas tree, coloring Easter eggs, carving out pumpkin guts, green eggies, candlelit Valentines, along with a number of evening spent with friends and family playing games and bbq-ing and singing happy birthdays. So many memories.

As our little family grew in size, we also grew together. David's callings kept him busy and blessed, including home teacher, Young Men's Pres, Executive Secretary and Elder's Quorum Pres, while Emily spent time visiting sisters, preparing Gospel doctrine and Young Women's lessons and planning for Relief Society. We said many prayers together (some reverent, others not so much!), attended church meetings, soaked in General Conference addresses and studied the scriptures. Even though our family was young we tried to remember our Savior and keep the Spirit in our home. 

Jobs kept daddy busy - Neiman Marcus, JCPenney, and finally Fossil. Sometimes we were stressed, almost always tired. We cried together through Cali's lymphangioma scare. Emily was confined to the couch with stomach pains. David lost his Thyroid. Liam had surgery as a baby. Yet through the busy, hard, and scary times, we felt the Lord's hand blessing and guiding us. We felt the love and prayers of others on our behalf.

After months of diligent house hunting, we'd almost given up on finding a suitable Flower Mound home. Serendipity led us to our new Meadow Wood home, as the sellers accepted our very quick and last-minute offer. 

We've spent the last [almost] 2 months fixing up the outdated home. New floors, new paint, new fixtures, water heater repairs, rodent proofing, and on and on... We are finally feeling at-home. The neighborhood is very safe and pleasantly peaceful, with friendly neighbors and lots of kids to play with. Our ward has also welcomed us warmly, and the girls are loving their new Old Settlers Elementary.

We look forward to many happy years to come!  
Image result for 2808 meadow wood dr

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas 2014

The Parmas enjoyed a very merry Christmas! It's been a little crazy with house cleaning and showings, house hunting etc., along with all the festivities. Some highlights include:
  • decorating the Christmas tree
  • class Christmas parties 
  • Liam's preschool singing program
  • decorating graham cracker houses
  • listening to and singing music
  • a delightful Christmas Eve dinner with Amy and Erik (and Soleil)

Monday, December 01, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We enjoyed a happy Thanksgiving together with our Aunties, a lovely feast and company. The kids had the whole week off of school which we spent playing outside and at the gym, doing crafts, visiting the children's museum and relaxing to movies (including a livingroom slumber party). 

Around the Thanksgiving table at Aunt Heidi's we all shared what we were grateful for. Mom - to be a mother and wife, for health. Dad - family and friends, for work. I don't recall exactly what the kids said but here are our Thanksgiving leaves, collected throughout the month...

We feel very blessed.
Here's Liam's "chicken hat" and preschool art.

 ...and our slumber party, watching Rise of the Guardians to usher in the Christmas season.

Cali turns 6

I thought I'd posted this!! Well, Cali had a GREAT 6th birthday. Hello Kitty cupcakes to her classmates, a cute new outfit, Apple White doll from Ever After High, a robo dog (which she aptly named Zoomer), a playdate with Aunt Ceci, and LOTS of bubble gum!!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bria's baptism

Bria's special baptism day. Lots of love from family and friends, pretty music, flowers, white dresses, and a sweet Spirit. Bria was a bit nervous ["How am I going to choose the right all the time?"] and about going under the water ... but she was glowing and happy. We are so proud of her!