Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bria's obsession

Bria's obsessed with The Little Mermaid movie. She asks for it all day every day. And as much as I love Disney movies, I have a few issues with Ariel.

1. She's immodestly dressed (and seriously, are most 16 year-olds that well-endowed?)
2. She deliberately chooses a random guy over her family
3. She perpetually complains about her life as a mermaid princess (and really, was her life that hard?) when one should learn to be happy where they are
4. Sebastian, Scuttle, Flounder and Eric do all the work in saving her
5. Her hair has awesome volume, and she doesn't even try

That said, the movie has great music, a unique and compelling story line and colorful supporting characters. If only they could take the little mermaid out of The Little Mermaid.

One last thing: who agrees with me that David totally looks like Prince Eric?


Blogger TheGleeds said...

I love this post and you are very witty, especially the part about her hair. Haha. That is cute. So I still think that Dave looks more like that guy from Big Shots, but I'd have to agree that he looks like Prince Eric too - :)

3:55 PM  
Blogger Mrs. Dub said...

seriously, that tweenmaid is one busty gal. i'm sorry that you've had to watch LM enough to make these observations, but i enjoyed the post ... and am jealous that your gal will sit through a full-length film. disney is in her blood, i suppose.

7:49 PM  
Blogger bloggingchristy said...

What a funny post!! Stacey loves the little mermaid but we have to alternate with boy shows so we don't watch it as much!! Greg sings the little mermaid song, part of your world to the kids, it's pretty funny.

I wouldn't ask him to sing it though, it might ruin little mermaid for Bria!

1:02 PM  

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