Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy halloween

Bria loved being a Kitty Leopard Princess for Halloween! We ate on festive tablewear, trick-or-treated in the neighborhood with friends, and desserted on pumpkin pie. Now where should we hide all this candy??

Our Kitty Leopard Princess

Our neighbor's house: they own an inflatables rental business

Festive Halloween tablewear, thanks to Grandma Rena

Cute Disney "Tinker Boo" shirt, thanks to Grandma Michelle


Blogger CeciliaIsSuperCaliFragilisticExpialidocious said...

All so cute. My mom's always been in to table setting for every holiday - even on a budget... Hey those little boots Bria have on are so cute! ha ha. Very cute costume by the way.

6:58 PM  
Blogger Andy & Katie Alder said...

She is just too cute and you are such a great mom! I cant wait for #2. Do you need any help? I am always up for a road trip! Let me know if you want company~

5:19 PM  

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