Tuesday, February 14, 2012

day of love

What a happy Valentine's day!

The kids and I have had a fun, love-filled morning playing Barbies, hide-and-seek, Ring around the Rosie (Liam's favorite part was falling down!), reading books, decorating for Valentines, coloring, and baking gluten-free oat pear muffins (in a heart-shaped tin, of course).

[balloons and sugar cookies from a fun Valentine's playdate]

[the girls "stippy-taped" their Valentine's drawings onto our bathroom mirror. Bria drew her special heart-shaped picture for me, so it could help me "be brave when you have take a shot." Love always helps me feel better!]

In the evening we enjoyed a yummy romantic "Valentine's feast" (termed by Bria), saying what we loved about each other, scavenger-hunting for our Valentine's treasures (candy and Hello Kitty umbrellas, see pic) and dipping chocolate fondue.

[chocolate fondue!]

[Hello kitty umbrellas! thank you, Target clearance]

What a super day of love!


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Love it! :)

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