Monday, August 02, 2010


We just returned to Washington from a wonderful week in Snowbird Utah! Emily & the girls drove down 14 hours with her parents and brother, Brady, and enjoyed time in the little Cottonwood Canyon. It was great to spend time with everyone!! Beside visiting with family, highlights include playing games, swimming, nature walks, playing on the bounce house and with cousins. Good times!

The girls (and a pouty Bria)

Bria and her cousin Cash

Cali and Uncle Brady

Bria wearing a butterfly balloon on her back


Blogger PapaParma said...

Must be fun hanging around with all those relatives in such a nice place. Gabriel told me he had a chance to visit with you as well.
Thanks for all your posts

3:22 PM  
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Blogger paul1263 said...

i think your blog is really nice and i used to have a life like that before my wife died ,and your children are beautiful.
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10:24 AM  

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