Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy 1st birthday to Liam!

Happy 1st birthday to Liam!

Per Cali's request (for the past several months now) I made Liam a "Cars 2" cake, which he dominated within 5 minutes! He was a little sad just before cake time (hence the red eyes) but I think he had a happy day. He's growing up so fast.

Finally, some boy toys!

Playing trucks with Grandpa Don

Liam's birthday cake

Eating the cardboard.

We did Liam's little early celebration while Grandpa Don and Uncle Christian were here (for the BYU game). We loved having them here and spending time together.

P.S. Bria helped blow out Liam's birthday candle, but in doing so {follow the link for the video} she seriously believed that she had turned 1 again. We tried to convince her she was still 4, but she was on the verge of tears. So we lit 4 candles in her piece of birthday cake, which she blew out ... and to her great relief she turned 4 again. Wish you could've been there. Hilarious.


Blogger Hillary said...

That is so hilarious that she seriously thought she had turned 1!
Haha! That's a great video. I'm glad Liam loved his cake.

9:39 AM  

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