Monday, February 20, 2012

mermaids, fits, and red velvet

The girls produced another puppet show--more like illustrated story-telling, minus the puppets--this time starring a love sick mermaid and a pirate. Bria wrote "the script," lying on the ground (which is scribbles on lined paper).

Liam has been throwing lots of fits lately. I'm getting really good at "selective listening" although they still drive me nuts.

He started crying under the desk for no apparent reason ...

then a few minutes later he remembered why he was upset.

He loves to drag his books, toys, cutting boards, chairs, remote controls, and crayons outside for later use.

And I made my first attempt at gluten-free red velvet cupcakes, with a ... (get ready for it)... white chocolate vanilla bean swiss meringue buttercream. I know it's heresy to dress a red velvet in anything besides it's usual cream cheese frosting, but I couldn't resist.

This was all that was left (and yes, the girls ate cupcakes for breakfast).


Blogger Monica said...

yummy! Too bad you live so far away :( I'd love to try your fabulous baked goods :)

2:45 PM  

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