Sunday, August 05, 2012

summer adventures

What a fun summer we've had! This weekend we returned from a three-week jaunt to Washington state and Utah (Snowbird resort). David came along for the first week in Northwest, where we visited the beach, downtown Seattle's Aquarium and Children's museum, enjoyed morning walks, played at an awesome indoor playplace, visited the Temple, lunched along the Puget Sound, and even escaped {kid-free, thanks to my parents!} to a cozy Native American-themed hotel, hiked in the beautiful green forests, and visited Pike Place Market. The kids especially loved the nice weather (playing outside!) and cuddling with the doggies.

Sadly, David had to return home for work, but the kids and I stayed and played with Grandma Michelle and Grandpa Don and Aunt Dani. We headed down to Utah (the girls in the car, the guys in the airplane) to visit Christian & McCall and their family in Sandy, soon heading up to Snowbird resort to see more family and friends. (So sad I missed photos with the Petersons, the Morris' and the Parmas!) We loved hiking in the gorgeous Little Cottonwood Canyon with all its native squirrels, marmots, deer & moose. Plus we swam, relaxed, munched and played on the playground and on the rides (including the alpine slide and tram!). A great big thank you to our gracious family! Missing y'all!

Soundview Ward Temple night  

Cali & Lucky

the Seattle Aquarium

walking at Chamber's Bay in U.P.


Pike Place! 
gluten-free pasta, fresh NW cherries, smoked salmon, and an amazing gyro

Pt. Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

the Children's museum

(Cali and her new ladybug boots!)

finding crabs and limpets at Penrose State Park

playing in Grandma's backyard 

 Charlie's Safari

on top of Snowbird tram

hiking Catherine's Pass

ice cream {courtesy of Grandma} with the cousins at the Snowbird Center

Temple Square


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