Tuesday, August 25, 2009

feeling better

About a week after her first sclerotherapy treatment, Cali looked and felt much better. She was so much more happy and active. In fact, now she's even a bit sassy and sometimes naughty! She loves climbing up onto everything and trying to fall off the bed/couch/anywhere elevated.

We return to the hospital for a follow up on Thursday. We'll keep y'all posted!

Here's a brief, boring video; I tried to catch her playing peek-a-boo with me but she bumped her head on the door instead. Luckily she gets over things quickly.


Blogger Hillary said...

Oh, she is just so cute! It's fun to see Cali doing the same things that Cameron is doing right now. I'm glad to hear that she is doing better and being happy. I hope the treatments show good progress for you.

7:15 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

ohmygoodness! i guess i haven't checked your blog in a while and had no idea! i'm glad to see that you are on a road to recovery, and i hope that things continue to go well if more treatments are needed! you will be in our thoughts....

4:17 PM  

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