Sunday, September 25, 2011

the Parma girls go to Disneyland!

We Parma girls had a grand adventure at Disneyland this past week. We played hard at the parks, 3 days in a row, in beautiful weather with fun family (Grandpa Don, Auntie Dani, Chris & McCall and their cute kiddos).

.the cousins.

Here's an interview with the girls (Cali has a cold so she's quite subdued)

Cali's favorite ride was Winnie the Pooh (Uncle Christian Morrison rode it 5 times with her on one day)

Bria's favorite ride was The new Little Mermaid ride. We rode it a dozen times!

Other highlights include:
* the FIRST thing we did when we entered Disneyland is get the girls personalized pink Minnie ears. They wore them the whole time, every day.
* taking Reese on It's A Small World (she was dancing and pointing and giggling the whole time)
* enjoying salad in bread bowls waterside at the Pacific Wharf, all together under cabanas, and FINDING Dani's Rayban sunglasses that accidentally got tossed in the garbage can
* cotton candy!
* seeing Aladdin and Jasmine fly on their magic carpet, singing "A Whole New World"
* riding a Ghost Galaxy Space Mountain and newly revamped 3-D Star Tours
* the Soundsational Parade with all it's music, color and costumes. The girls nearly passed out from excitement when a float full of ALL the Disney princesses rolled by!
* riding the Grizzly River Run with Dad and Chris ... and not getting too soaked!
* Dani (and Grandma) supplied the kids with fabulous goody bags containing fruit snacks, coloring books, and candy!
* the Finding Nemo submarine...a fun ride for everyone
* baby Reese discovering the joy of Dum Dum suckers
* Grandpa Don getting the high score in the Toy Story ride
* watching the girls dance in the Disney Jr show--seeing all their favorite shows (little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake & the Neverland Pirates) come to life as puppets

Wish we could've ...
* brought Liam (and Grandma, and Aunt Becky!)
* gotten an ice cream cone on Main Street
* ridden Pirates of the Caribbean (closed for refurbishment)
* had another day (or week)!


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This video makes me feel so special :)

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