Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cali's first lost tooth

Only a few days after Cali's highly anticipated 5 1/2 birthday, she lost her first tooth! The tooth fairy found her tooth under her pink zebra-striped pillowcase and left a $1 (which she used to buy her favorite treat: bubblegum).

Mother's day

How I love being a mother. 

When I first became a mother, I was so scared. Anxious. Overwhelmed. It was something I had to learn by doing. I grew into a mother. Now I find my identity and purpose so wrapped up in my little ones, I can hardly imagine life without them.

My favorite things about being a mother? Sweet hugs and word like, "Yor da best best mom in da wood mom." Questions like, "Are there bugs in heaven?" And moments like finding all the kids sound asleep together in a twin bed. I love reading to them while they cuddle close. I love teaching them a principle and seeing their faces light up with understanding. I love making up answers to ridiculous questions or listening to their responses when I ask, "What do you think?" I also love enforced "quiet time" and the hours of 5-6 am and 7-9 pm!

This Mother's day the kids were so excited they had a countdown and to-do list! I was lovingly celebrated by gluten-free oatmeal pancakes, homemade cards and gifts (a picture frame, a personalized picture tile, and a heart magnet), dinner by daddy, and snuggling to Mary Poppins together.