Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas 2014

The Parmas enjoyed a very merry Christmas! It's been a little crazy with house cleaning and showings, house hunting etc., along with all the festivities. Some highlights include:
  • decorating the Christmas tree
  • class Christmas parties 
  • Liam's preschool singing program
  • decorating graham cracker houses
  • listening to and singing music
  • a delightful Christmas Eve dinner with Amy and Erik (and Soleil)

Monday, December 01, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We enjoyed a happy Thanksgiving together with our Aunties, a lovely feast and company. The kids had the whole week off of school which we spent playing outside and at the gym, doing crafts, visiting the children's museum and relaxing to movies (including a livingroom slumber party). 

Around the Thanksgiving table at Aunt Heidi's we all shared what we were grateful for. Mom - to be a mother and wife, for health. Dad - family and friends, for work. I don't recall exactly what the kids said but here are our Thanksgiving leaves, collected throughout the month...

We feel very blessed.
Here's Liam's "chicken hat" and preschool art.

 ...and our slumber party, watching Rise of the Guardians to usher in the Christmas season.

Cali turns 6

I thought I'd posted this!! Well, Cali had a GREAT 6th birthday. Hello Kitty cupcakes to her classmates, a cute new outfit, Apple White doll from Ever After High, a robo dog (which she aptly named Zoomer), a playdate with Aunt Ceci, and LOTS of bubble gum!!