Sunday, March 18, 2012

Easter dresses

{ I love the lavender hair feathers }

Thursday, March 15, 2012

playing at home

We stayed home today. All day. And we went a little crazy.

Mommy enjoyed 20 minutes of [almost] quiet time as the kiddos played together in the car.

{watching the garage door open ... }

{Cali's Tinkerbell "fairy princess" dress}

Liam found my keys inside the trike! imagine that ...

Then we copied daddy's great idea: roping a ride-on to Bria's bike and getting dragged in circles. They love it.


Liam says, "Hey! Why did you stop?!"

Cali's turn next.

Monday, March 12, 2012

tooth fairy

Bria lost her first tooth! the tooth fairy was employed for her first time at the Parma home, and brought her a My little Pony (since she's not into money? that'll probably change as she gets older ...) She was very very proud of herself. She pulled the tooth out herself but then lost it in her bed. Mommy looked for it for several minutes and then decided that the tooth fairy could find it.

[taken with David's cel phone]

and since it was 83 degrees today we went to the "Castle playground" with friends

[yes, Liam carried around a hot pink Dora sippy all day today]


David spent a few days this past week in the Colorado mountains, snowmobiling and "manning it up" with his brother and bff. Highlights include sitting by the fire, jumping on the snowmobile and tubing. He had a blast, and lived to tell the tale!