Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Liam turns 5!

Blue frosted cupcakes topped with pull-back cars
An exhausted birthday boy, sleeping with his car

Sunday, September 06, 2015

First day of school

The kids are suprisingly VERY excited for school!

Liam: his new preschool at Temple Baptist church closeby. He loves his teacher, Mrs. Ellis, and his new friends

 Cali: 1st grade at Old Settlers (OSE) with Ms. Boldt

 Bria: 3rd grade at OSE with Mrs. Young

Goodbye summer ... hello school!

What a fun summer we had! Here are some highlights:

making perler beads!!

going to Hawaiian Falls as a family. Especially the giant green half-pipe that we all rode on together! And also the lazy river... 

super hero / super villain gymanstics camp. We made our own costumes, 
along with matching Beanie Boo sidekicks.

Summer camps: we all did swim lessons. Also, Bria did a drama camp and Cali did a soccer camp

We also ... played with our Beanie boos, got together with friends, learned how to cook, watched shows, visited the Library and completed the reading program, and had a great staycation!!