Tuesday, October 23, 2012

happy camping day!

We reserved a campsite at a local, lakeside campground and invited friends to join us for a campfire. The kids were SO excited! Bria woke up that morning exclaiming, "Happy camping day everyone!" We enjoyed building a fire, running around with friends, roasting hotdogs, gorging on s'mores and lighting sparklers. This is about as "outdoorsy" as we get!

Bria is serious about her hot dog.
 Filthy and loving it!
 the plaid couple. Total camping posers.

 just the beginning of many father-son campouts. David will probably be the dad to go rent a hotel.

 Hot dog?

Friday, October 05, 2012

happy 6th birthday, Bria!

Bria was the happiest six year-old in the world yesterday. Her "game plan" was happily fulfilled: wake up, open a couple presents, go to the donut shop with daddy, school, party & play at the park, pizza, finish opening presents, a bubble bath, watch "Princess and the Popstar." A super birthday!

She felt the love from friends and family. Thank you.

Barbie's Princess and the Popstar!

Animal cupcakes

Cali's "kitty" mask (it was really a skunk)


a dirty pizza party