Thursday, March 31, 2011

. measurements .

We were all measured today at the doctor!

Liam is long & lean! 27.5 inches (90th percentile for height), 15 lbs (10th percentile for weight)

Cali: 34 inches, 24 lbs

Bria: 42 inches, 33 lbs

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

San Antonio!

The Parma family (including Aunt Cece) took a mini-vacay to San Antonio. Some highlights included the yummy Gristmill restaurant in historic Gruene, playing in the stream at the Austin Nature Center, seeing the Austin hippie, the SA Zoo, the Alamo and riverwalk, Disney puzzles and swimming in the hotel pool. A trip like that, as fun as it was, reminded me just how wonderful our own (separate) beds are ...

{ps. thanks to Cecilia for being our photographer!}

Swimming in the hotel pool (Liam's first swim!)

The Alamo

Playing in the stream at the Austin Nature Center

Hippos at the San Antonio Zoo


David and Bria being silly

{Contrary to popular belief, the Rhinoceros really exists!}

Auntie Dani

What a fun visit we had with Aunt Dani! She was able to hang out with us Parmas here in Texas ... we enjoyed the zoo, frozen yogurt, shopping trips, dollar movies, yummy food and fun times! Thanks again for the awesome visit. I wish my mom and sisters lived closer -- We miss them too much!

Monday, March 07, 2011

hi hi

Here's a whole lot of nothing!