Tuesday, May 22, 2012

bubble bath!

Monday, May 07, 2012

Happy Anniversary

In or around February of 2005, I was courting the precious Emily Morrison and proposed to her outside of the restaurant La Dolce Vita – the restaurant where we had our first date. I told her “I’ve loved you for a little and I want to love you forever”. She had qualities that I thought we amazing and I still do today.  

As we celebrate our 7 year anniversary today I found a list of The 101 Reasons I want to Love Emily Forever and thought I might share the less embarrassing reasons – these were written in 2005. Much hasn’t changed and with her I truly am living “La Dolce Vita”!

She likes to go out
She laughs at me
She winks at me
She holds me tight
She likes to hold hands
She surprises me
She teases me
She makes me laugh
She is an A+ cuddler

She gets ready for work – looking all good!
She looks hot when frumpy
She looks beautiful with makeup off
She likes to sing
She likes to play the piano
She likes to enjoy cultural things
She exercises to get healthy
She takes care of herself
She makes me look good
She is feisty
She likes soccer
She plays soccer
She likes to go to BYU games with me (even when she doesn’t want to )
She likes chick flicks
She likes Win a Date with Tad Hamilton
She knows Spanish
She is an early riser
She’ll make me French toast
She makes a good Sunday dinner
She puts up with my garbage
She likes my weirdness

She makes everyone comfortable
She makes me comfortable
She is open with me
She thanks me
She serves me
She likes my friends
She visits me at work
She visits me at lunch
She buys me thoughtful gifts
She worries for me and prays for me
She does the little things
She remembers birthdays
She writes thank you cards
She writes little hellos

She wants to read scriptures with me
She wants to have family prayer
She wants to have FHE
She looks toward eternal goals
She reads her scriptures
She says her prayers
She has a testimony
She’ll go to all three meetings
She’ll say hi to everyone at church

Family & Home
She accepts my family
She’ll set goals with me
She likes to experiment with food
She wants a clean house
She is domestic
She is a smart shopper
She wants to achieve excellence
She gives 110% in everything
She runs all day long
She attacks the day
She’ll prioritize the day
She will review her goals
She has a good attitude
She likes to agree with me
She likes to disagree with me
She likes to learn
She likes to work hard

The list could be longer but my 2 favorites are:
She loves loving me
She loves me for me

Thank you Emily for being so wonderful!

Saturday, May 05, 2012

our little Cali-boo

An interview (including vocal performances) with Cali at 3 1/2 years old.