Tuesday, February 23, 2010

miss peg leg

Saturday, February 13, 2010

making Valentine's cookies

Bria rolled and cut out [most] all the heart-shaped sugar cookies. Yummy yummy! I
love cute pink treats!

I wonder what the Great Valentine will bring to the doorstep tomorrow?

Snow day!

This week the Dallas area saw, quite literally, record-breaking snowfalls. Texans are so funny about snow: the world ENDS. But you roll with it and take a day off!

Chocolate party

This weekend I hosted a "Chocolate Soiree" for ladies in my ward. Yummy food, fun friends! I forgot to take a picture of my tissue paper poms in brown and red which I hung from the ceiling--they looked so good!

My favorite favorite chocolate fountain dipping item is a marshmallow.

My favorite chocolate baked good is a buttermilk brownie made by my mom.

My favorite chocolate candy depends on my mood. I love me a good, pure Dove chocolate. And I LOVE See's Nuts 'n Chews (which they don't sell in Texas!)

What's your favorite chocolate stuff?

In case you were wondering ... a tissue paper pom